O Gauge Modelling on the GWR

A personal Journey

Brewery on the move

I was not happy with the way i had depicted the brewery. Using it as a corner fill-in was not really doing it justice and had made replenishing the coaling stage difficult. Here it is as was.

A mere flat surface with a single line packed in between the station platform and the brewery wall. The new site as at the other end of the layout where a cheap goods shed was sitting, 9not used for anything). Having cleared the building and cut back two siding lines a little this is where it will be sited.

There was enough of the low relief faces to make up a two sided building, 9the rear and end are not visible to anyone and are made of foam board. I am ordering new roofs to finish off the building. This is what it looked like as a mock-up

.At this point I had intended to shorten the run-round line at the back to add in a single storey building as shown above but decided against this in the end as shown below when the building had been constructed.

The old place where the brewery was sited will now have to be developed but it will merely have a back scene and car park for the station created to finish it off.

Unfortunately, this is now become a temporary site due to several other issues with running the railway. The brewery will now be realigned and sited where the gas works were. The gas works have a new home to go to and more space, and the site of the Brewery will now be taken up by a malt house that will supply the brewery with malted grain.