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 Modelling the GWR

A personal Journey

Completing the circle: Coalmine to gas works

From coal mine to Gas works, coaling stage, tar works, engine sheds etc

To finish this cycle off it was necessary to alter the coal mine building. What i wanted was for it to receive coal and load it into wagons which could then be moved over to the gas works and other facilities on the railway.

Fortunately some time ago I had made up the building from parts and the roof was in three pieces one conveniently like a flap to give access to the inside. All that was necessary was to cut that part out and make a simple flap fixing for it as shown above.

A hopper was then constructed from plastic sheet from Slaters with enough headroom to allow different height wagons to pass underneath. The hopper side at the other end of the track was deep enough to stop a wagon just in the right place.

You can see from the plan above how this will now work. Click image for a larger view. As the coal fills the hopper in the gas works so it can be used to refill empty wagons visiting the coal mine. Wagon in, lift roof panel fill wagon lower roof panel, remove wagon full of coal. Shunt wagon to connecting line.

As a result of a lack of storage space this is restricted to 3 wagons in any one cycle, but will keep someone busy!