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Constructing the control panel boxes for the through station and its sidings


The control panel boxes are CamdenBoss which I have used on many occasions. Here is the collection of bits and pieces that I will need to control the station sidings. Two of these is required one for the UP line the other for the DOWN line.


Just to clarify, another good reason why I'm investigating this method of control. In a more conventional way the control of track sections, points and signals have been done using three types of switch. The image below shows the Hornby yellow and green switches for signals and sections and the PECO switch system for points. The three banks of switches are mounted on a control box. Inside the control box is a CDU unit to activate the points and a couple of terminal connectors.

What does this traditional line-up cost? Well I have 4 of these and the shopping list looks like this:

Green switches at £9 each x 3
Yellow switches at £7 each x 5

PECO switches:

Turnout switch module PL50 at £14.63 x 1 (comes with 3 PL51s)
Passing contact switch PL51 x 2 £5.50
CDU unit £7.99
Camden Boss Eurodesk box £6.05

Total outlay for the above: £101.67


My collection of bits and bobs at the top of this page that will do the same thing is as follows:

Camden Boss Eurobox £6.05
Rotary switch: £5.94
Diodes: (50) at £0.72
Push to make switches (10) at £1.60
CDU unit £7.99
Terminal blocks £1.50


Total outlay for this option: £23.80

This is what the finished article should look like:

This one has 4 positions to control a four track siding. By turning the large black knob It changes the colour light signals and by pressing the adjacent push button it sets the correct points.

BUT, the amount of wiring and the number of terminal strips meant that larger boxes were needed. - pause for delivery!

Here is the new box with decals glued on. the isolation switches are also now incorporated into the cover. 


Hornby Dublo 3 rail

switches, diodes and boxes