O Gauge Modelling on the GWR

A personal Journey

Station throat Issues

Relaying the track was not too difficult. The PVA can be softened by applying water to the track. Let it soak in for about half an hour then the points can be lifted and cleaned. Its important to make sure the bed is free from even one piece of grit before relaying the track. I had to replace one point as it had become twisted where it linked to the diamond double slip point, (as highlighted here). The whole area must be flat and square so that the different combinations of passage can be executed without derailment or stalling. Once all the pre-gluing checks have been done the points can be glued in place and the ballast once more applied, (not my favourite job!). The fishplates are arranged so they slip over the straight rail out of the way making it easy to drop points in and secure them by sliding the fishplates back to connect. Where you have to use isolating fishplates, they cannot hold points or track in place so correct alignment is essential before you use them. That's why this problem occurred in the first place and got progressively worse with use.

Uneven track