O Gauge Modelling on the GWR

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Extension to the sidings at Wallington park

July 2011

Planning permission has been granted and the land acquired. It will be necessary to replace the two points, (one still in situ here in the middle right of the picture), with a double slip. This will bring back the track closer to the station throat and allow for another turnout to be fitted giving access to the land on the left. A cutting in the embankment will be required and this is developing.


Viewed from the opposite end you can see the location of the new extension. the old points did not have their frogs synchronised with the blade direction and relied on 'touch' for electrical connection. This causes the usual stop/go problems and is to be sorted out including micro switches on all turnouts in future.


Two views of the double slip and adjusted connections. The platform needed a little shaving to accommodate the change to the curve on the slip. Removing the old point work is achieved by soaking the ballast with water and letting it soak in for a couple of hours. it can then be chiselled easily. The track work needs careful lifting with a thin sharp blade as I use Bostik and this is not water soluble. The baseboard then needs to dry before the new track is laid. The double slip will need point motors and micro switches. holes cut in the baseboard to accommodate as well.
The track has been adjusted to get another siding in so the second lane in the old station layout has had a point added. This now completes all the adjustment to get as much storage space in as possiblre in the new area.


But before the new 'land' can be secured the area behind the station and the building itself had to be finished as  access afterwards would be rather difficult. The backdrop was created using  a program called Paint Shop Pro. More on that elsewhere. and the railbed was 'painted' with a mixture of ash PVA and Mars Black acrylic paint.
The double slip has been ballasted and the track electrified. The creamery track and sidings still need to be stuck and ballasted but this can wait till the building itself arrives and is constructed. Invertrain are currently putting together enough parts for me to construct the main building, offices and water tank. But more on that as it progresses .

Track Extension